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        • Experimental Center

          Three college experimental platforms (Mechanical Testing Center, Physical and Chemical Testing Center, and Numerical Experiments and Simulation Center) and all research institutes and laboratories’ experimental platforms are set up in the Experiment Center. Mining Engineering laboratory is the Liaoning provincial key laboratory, and Rock and Soil Mechanics and Engineering experimental teaching center is the Liaoning provincial experimental teaching demonstration center. There are 26 full-time laboratory technicians in the Experiment Center, including 10 senior experimentalists.

          The Experimental Center holds advanced equipments. There are 3,359 sets of domestic and imported instruments with a total value of about 58,000,000 RMB, including 24 sets of advanced and sophisticated instruments (more than 400,000 RMB). Advanced experimental systems are established to accomplish the experimental teaching and scientific research works, including million tons’ loading test, virtual reality, dynamic three-axis test of rock and soil, high speed camera of blasting, acoustic emission and microseism test, blasting seismic and shock wave detection, 1km underground geophysical exploration, granular physical mechanical property test, pilot test of nanometer material preparation by chemical method, high performance parallel computer and large finite element analysis, large-scale pipe network explosion test of gas and coal dust, etc.